NYCHA and HPD Announce List of Prequalified Developers for “100 Percent Affordable” Program


NYCHA-Announces-Laurel-StreetNYCHA and HPD update their RFQ process to build partnerships that create economic opportunity while creating badly needed new affordable housing.

Today, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) released a list of prequalified developers for the Authority’s “100 Percent Affordable” program. The list is the result of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) released in July 2016 and is intended to increase participation of a diverse range of developers, including nonprofits and minority and women owned enterprises (MWBE).

The RFQ process was split into two steps: the initial RFQ application and the release of the prequalified list. This new process will result in a lower cost barrier so more nonprofits and MWBEs can apply. About 60 percent of the prequalified developers are nonprofit organizations or MWBEs.

HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer said, “City-owned land is scarce, and partnerships are instrumental to our mission of building 200,000 affordable housing units in 10 years. HPD is proud to continue partnering with NYCHA and other City agencies to develop affordable housing on city assets. These prequalified developers that have been selected are important partners committed to our unified mission and we look forward to working with them to build a more affordable New York City.”

“We want to create the best developments for our community and that means adjusting the RFP process to encourage participation from all developers, including nonprofits and MWBEs,” said Executive Vice President for Real Estate Nicole Ferreira. “As New York City faces a severe housing crisis, it’s more important than ever for us to create economic opportunities, affordable housing and smart development policies for our residents and our city.”

This spring, NYCHA will release to the list of prequalified developers an Request For Proposal (RFP) for four 100 percent affordable housing sites. The sites are Harborview Terrace, Sumner Houses, Morrisania Air Rights, and Twin Parks West. These new buildings will create between 570 and 800 new units of affordable housing.

Prequalified Developers:

  1. Arker
  2. Artimus
  3. Avante Contracting/Bronx Pro Group
  4. Banana Kelly Community Association Inc
  5. Blue Sea Development Company LLC
  6. Breaking Ground
  7. Bronx Pro
  8. Brooklyn Community Housing and Services, Inc. / Alembic Community Development Joint Ventureer
  9. CAMBA Housing Ventures, Inc
  10. Camber Property Group
  11. Community Builders Inc
  12. Douglaston Development
  13. Dunn Development
  14. Duvernay + Brooks LLC
  15. ELH Mgmt. LLC and The Kretchmer Companies
  16. Fetner Properties
  17. Fifth Avenue Committee, Inc
  18. Gotham Organization
  19. Hunt + Duvernay + Brooks LLC
  20. IMPACCT Brooklyn
  21. Innovative Property Management and Development Inc
  22. Laurel Street Residential LLC
  23. L+M Development Partners Inc
  24. Lemle Wolf_BEL Community Housing Associates, LLC
  25. Lettire Construction_Urban Builders Collaborative LLC
  26. MHANY Management, Inc
  27. Omni New York LLC
  28. Pennrose Properties LLC
  29. Phipps Houses
  30. Premiant Development LLC
  31. Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council
  32. Selfhelp Community Services Inc
  33. Settlement Housing Fund Inc
  34. SKA MARIN Team
  35. SMJ/BFC
  36. St. Nicks Alliance
  37. STEL (Southern Tier Environments For Living)
  38. SUS (Services for the Underserved Inc)
  40. WinnCompanies
  41. WSFSSH

Read the original article on the NYC Housing Authority website.