At Laurel Street, we plan and develop high quality, mixed-income communities throughout the East Coast for working families and seniors that are affordable to households of a variety of incomes.

We are a boutique private development company that can be responsive to market dynamics and the needs of the project, partners, residents and the community. We work on developments of all sizes, including both new construction and rehabilitation projects.

We have a well-coordinated team of creative real estate professionals with both a wealth of expertise developing award-winning housing, and a passion for making an impact in our communities.

Laurel Street was founded in 2011 by Dionne Nelson. Laurel Street’s headquarters is in Charlotte, NC.



As a company, we live by strong corporate values which include the following:

  • work ethic

    focusing with dedication to ensure success

  • collaboration

    bringing together of diverse ideas

  • Integrity

    consistently prioritizing what it means to do the right thing

  • Impact

    making a difference through our work

  • Creativity

    taking a fresh approach to finding solutions

  • Passion

    loving what we do

  • Stewardship

    giving back or paying it forward

Why “Laurel Street”?

As a child, Dionne Nelson was fortunate enough to frequently spend time with her great grandmother and tells this story:

“She lived on Laurel Street in an urban area of a small city. The house was modestly scaled, well maintained and always felt like home. We could walk to the community store, we knew the neighbors, and we spent countless hours on the swing on the front porch talking. When I envision community and the sense of home that each person deserves, I call on that memory. So at Laurel Street, we seek to build quality homes in connected communities as a place where true family values can be fostered. To me, that makes it a ‘Laurel Street’ home.”